I get many questions about how to apply foundation , how do you find the right shade etc. So here are some tips for those who are beginning with foundation.

Foundation Tip 1 DO YOUR RESEARCH  ! 

Just like you would research anything else, open your phone, your laptop and type your question into the search bar. You can learn so much by watching youtube tutorials and reading beauty forums. The resources are out there and you can even watch step by step videos that will give you alot of guidance when it comes to makeup. CHECK OUT Foundation Tutorial For Beginners BASICS ( Foundation, Concealer & Powder) | Euniycemari

Foundation Tip 2 KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE 

What is your skin type ? Are you oily,dry,sensitive,acne prone or combination ?Knowing your skin type will help to know what foundation you should get. If your oily skin you want to get a foundation that has a matte finish. If you are dry skin you will go for a foundation with a dewy finish. CHECK OUT Maybelline Matte & Poreless Foundation | DEMO & REVIEW 310 Sun Beige Euniycemari

Foundation Tip 3 SKINCARE ROUTINE 

It’s really important to have a solid skincare routine. Making sure the skin is properly cleansed and moisturized will make your foundation look even better. NEVER go to sleep with makeup on! This will clog pores and cause breakouts. You want clear smooth skin so your foundation can look flawless! CHECK OUT  Night Time Natural Skincare Routine Acne prone skin 2017 | Euniycemari

Foundation Tip 4 PREP THE SKIN 

Primers/ Moisturizers. These help out with the application of the foundation as well with skin concerns like pores, wrinkles etc.

Foundation Tip  5 TOOLS

Become familiar with the tools that are used for foundation application. You can use your hands, bushes, or sponges.

Foundation Tip 6 TECHNIQUES

There are different ways to apply foundation. Buffing & Tapping foundation into skin depending on what tool you are using.


Don’t be afraid to go to a makeup artist , department store to get colored matched and ask questions. They are there to help you find what you need. Places to go Sephora, Macys, Mac, etc.


Foundation should match your skin tone. Not too light or too dark. If your foundation is either you have the wrong color and need to adjust either up or down to get the right shade. Sometimes you may need to mix shades if you in between to find your perfect match.

Foundation Tip 9 SET IT !

Use a pressed powder, loose powder and translucent powder to set the foundation so that your foundation stays in place. This also ties into skin type so for example if your oily skin use a matte powder. ONE OF MY FAVORITES Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Powder | REVIEW & DEMO 310 Sun Beige | Euniycemari

Foundation Tip 10 HANDS ON !

Take the time to sit in the mirror and play around with applying foundation. It doesn’t matter how many videos you watch or forums you read. Its important to get a feel of what works for you. The more you practice the better.



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