I use to always write out my feelings. Pen to paper, page after page, a place to put my clutter unclear thoughts. Some where along the way I forgotten how much writing has helped me. It was a form a therapy many times poetic. So let me step back into that space which gave me sanity. Have you ever reached a point in life where your tired of your day to day , repeatative activity. As a 28yr old woman today i had that moment. Getting up , getting dressed, applying my makeup. Then it hits me im tired of this shit. Rushing off to work to work for someone else , making only enough to survive. Now dont get me wrong! Im am thankful for the fact that i do have a job because once upon a time i was unemployed before desperate for anyone to hire me. 5 years in and im ready to move on. I dont want to do it anymore so I look at my BEAUTY CHANNEL Almost 5 years and its growth has been extremely slow. I would love to be able to be one of those Youtubers who can make a living off of sitting in front of the camera but as of right now thats not the reality. BODYCAREBYEUNIYCE My skincare buisness is slow. I have to admit i havent put my all into it. Looking for jobs in my field IM A COSMETOLOGIST So i think to myself where am i going wrong ? Am i not doing enough? There is always room for improvement they say. . . .we all want that life where you dont have to worry about money and have everything you want. Most willing to do anything to get to that place. I am no different I visioned my future for many years. What my career would be , famiy . . .Lifestyle. Of course getting there comes with obatacles and patience. So I continue to wait and push through. Going to the job i cant stand, applying for jobs (i had 2 interivews that went well !). .filming and uploading no matter if only 5 people watch. I will never give up . . .      

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