Tips For Sun Protection

Fun in the sun wont be enjoyable if you have sun burn. This summer make sure you are protecting your skin from the rays. Prolonged exposure to sun can lead to not only burns, but skin damage and even skin cancer. So what are some ways you can protect your skin? I have 2 TIPS !

TIP 1 : COVER UP ! So this is a must using hats, sunglasses longer clothing ( shirts and pants) will put a barrier between you and those rays. Now i know your like what . . .? Wear long clothing in the heat ? That’s crazy BUT that is a way to keep your skin protected. Also stay in the shade that’s another way to but a barrier between you and the sun rays.

TIP 2 : SUNSCREEN ! This is another crucial step to protecting your skin. There are many brands out there that vary in SPF levels. I use Shea Butter which is a natural sun protector. FUN FACT: SHEA MOISTURE HAS AN SPF OF 6-10.

AND THATS IT ! Simple right!


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