BLACK HAIR DOESN’T GROW !!!! Im sure you heard this more than once or probably even thought it . Let me tell you THAT ISNT TRUE . Hair grows and will always grow about a inch to half a inch each month. So if hair grows . . .  why is it that im not seeing length ? Why does my hair remain the same length ? The answer is simple ! Start with this question WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR HAIR ? Are you not moisturizing  . . . Deep Conditioning  . . .Are your hands constantly in your hair ? Take a look into what you do to your hair on a daily basis. Now that your clear BLACK HAIR CAN GROW . Here are some tips on how to RETAIN LENGTH so that you can see the GROWTH

1.Use Oils & Essential Oils

 Oils ( coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil) have amazing benefits for the scalp and hair. These oils do not sit on top of the hair like petroleum , they penetrate the hair sealing in moisture. Which means less breakage and less breakage = Length Retention

– Almond Oil

* Treats Dandruff
* Helps with Scalp inflammation

-Jojoba Oil

*Prevents hair loss and thinning
* Anti bacterial
*Anti Inflammatory
*Great for Moisturizing scalp

-Grapeseed Oil

* Protects against moisture loss
* Light weight

-Organic Coconut Oil

*Repairs Damaged Hair that has been over processed or hear damage
* Great moisturizer for dry hair
*Anti fungal great for dandruff

For Essential Oils i personally enjoy Peppermint Oil and i think its the best for scalp stimulation.

Peppermint Oil

*Stimulates Blood flow in scalp


2. Scalp Massage

Scalp massages are good to stimulate the follicles and blood flow . Which promotes hair growth. In the morning or at night apply oil of your choice  and peppermint oil to scalp and massage . That simple not only does it promote growth but its also relaxing

3. Diet & Water

This is no surprise ! We all know we should eat our fruits , veggies & drink lots of water. As simple as it sounds many forget this. Your hair and nails are last on the list. Your body sends the nutrients to you more important organs. So if your lacking nutrition it will show in your nails and hair.

4.Multivitamin & Biotin

Lets be real we don’t always eat all out vitamins that are needed for the day. So taking a multivitamin fills in the gaps. Biotin supports healthy hair and nails.


This is s very important one ! Curly hair needs to be moisturized every day. Curly hair is dryer and can cause ends to break. Using a water based moisturizer is best ! Shea Moisture has great water based moisturizers. Check out My Favorite Natural Products to see my Favorite Moisturizers

6.Dont Be Afraid To CUT!!

If you don’t cut split end and damaged hair  it can cause your hair to break. Making it shorter and shorter. Its best to cut off damage so that it doesn’t continue to move up the hair shaft making hair shorter and shorter.

7.Low Manipulation

Keep your hands away from your hair! Put hair in braids, Twist , Buns , Wigs . This keeps the hair away and less breakage. Also Combs and Brushes. These can cause breakage. Here are some protective styles

Hopefully these Tips were helpful!!


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