So having curly hair is a beautiful thing BUT it can also be very frustrating ! I have a love hate relationship with my hair so here are some tips that i use to make managing and caring for my curly hair easier.

Curly Hair Tip #1 Use Products for your hair type

  • If you have curly hair dont use products that are for straight hair ! Find products that are for curly hair they are formulated to give curly hair the moisture it need.

Curly Hair Tip #2 Dont forget to Deep Condition

  • Deep Conditioning can make or break your hair. Its really important to deep condition curly hair at least once a week.

Curly Hair Tip #3 Be Gentle

  • DONT YANK OR RIP APART YOUR CURLS.Take your time with your hair.

Curly Hair Tip #4 Routine

  • Getting on a routine will make it all easier. Every week put aside some time for your curls (shampoo, Deep condition and Style) This will make dealing with your curls easier AND your hair will look and feel better.

Curly Hair Tip #5 Moisture is your best friend

  • Curly hair need moisture! Make sure everyday  you are adding moisture to your curls especially the ends!


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