1. Whats your Niche  . . .? Do You Like to cook, beauty , photography etc? This is the first thing you need to know when starting your blog because this will be the core of your Blogs Subject . Those who are interested in your niche no matter what it is will follow you because its their interest too. So your blog should be about something you like to do or talk about.
  2. Introduce Yourself ! People like to know the person behind the scene. So within the about me section put a picture with a description. The description should be about your niche. How ,When and Why cooking, reading, dancing what ever it is  became your passion.
  3. Pictures (SNAP!) Pictures make everything interesting , so add pics to your blog. It can be a before and after of a project  or something in the moment. Make sure pics are clear !
  4. Descriptive Language Maybe everything doesnt require a picture so make the writing like one. Use descriptive language so when  someone stumbles across your blog its like a movie in a blog lol.
  5. Consistency (1234) Consistency is key to keep your followers coming back. When you have an uploading schedule thats consistent your followers know when to expect new content.
  6. Links ( Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) So lets say you post once a week on your blog BUT everyday for breakfast you post what you cook. Linking your  other social media accounts gives your followers  the chance to see what you cook every morning . This is another type of engagement so make sure to link social media so they can FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW
  7. The Goal What do you want from your blog ? Is it more clients, customers, build your buisness or is just a hobbie? This will also help with how you run your blog.





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