Just the thought of being in front of a large group, having all eyes on me scares the crap out of me!! I have never been the type to feel comfortable around others or loving attention. Im the one in the back of the room hoping that i blend into the wall lol. I dont think im weird its just who i am  . . .  and ive always been reserved and to myself. Even til this day when a group activity is involved im looking for something to hide behind and PLEASE  dont make me team leader or speaker. Is this something that i will ever get over ? REALISTICALLY I think not BUT  I am working on myself to ease the anxiety of being the center of attention.


I know im not the only one  . . .but sometimes i feel so, I call it my lil bubble aka my comfort zone. No one look at me, call on me  . . . you know what im not even here today lol.



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