What is Porosity

Porosity is your hairs ability to hold moisture.

High Porosity

High porosity the cuticle is open making it hard for moisture to stay in.

Medium Porosity

Medium porosity the cuticle is slightly lifted so moisture can penetrate and stay.

Low Porosity

Low porosity the cuticle is closed so its hard for moisture to penetrate.

How to find out what your porosity

Water Test

  • Place strand of hair in water. If hair floats its low porosity.If hair sinks its high porosity.If the hair half sinks half floats its medium porosity.

How to treat High Porosity hair

  • Use Butters and heavier creams for hair. These will help to keep moisture in the hair.
  • Use a cold shot when rinsing out conditioner. Cold water will close the cuticle sealing in moisture.

How to treat Medium Porosity hair

  • Because the cuticle is slightly lifted medium porosity will take in moisture and hold moisture. A regular hair regimen will work fine for this hair type.

How to treat LOw Porosity Hiar

  • Use heat to open the cuticle. Sit under hooded dryers to deep condtion.
  • Dont cold shot the cuticle of low porosity hair is already closed
  • use light weight creams and moisturizers

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