I am on this journey to find the perfect product for my curls. For all you curly heads like me you can relate to this struggle. Frizz and Shrinkage are a daily battle BUT i don’t fight my hair. I let it do what it wants with the help of a few products. Just letting my curls do what they choose makes my mornings a little less stressful. Being a natural there is only one choice EMBRACING YOUR CURLS ! ¬†Becoming comfortable with them and their imperfections WHICH make them UNIQUE.Yes you heard me right . . . . now don’t get me wrong just like many of you out there i at time want to pick up the clippers say F#$% THIS ! and end it all lol, but i have hook head so a short hair cut wont do me any good.

You may go to war with your curls, frustration, confusion etc is apart of the package. Patience is key! Playing with different products and styling methods will help find what works for you. Every curly head is different but with some TLC you will love your curls! EMBRACING MY CURLS!


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One thought on “EMBRACING MY CURLS

  1. “Embrace your curls” I love this! I have to say that learning to work with whatever my hair decides to do on any particular day has really helped my frustration level.

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