Man i didnt even realize its been a yr that ive had my beauty channel!! I am so happy because i put alot of time, energy and work into my videos. And ive been consistant which is the main reason i give myself a pat on the back because if you know anything about being a youtuber, you know that filming. editing, having the right angle, lighting etc etc can be a headache at times. Besides the headaches ive managed to stick with it because its a hobby i enjoy. Sharing with you what i do best which is all things beauty related BUT i will give you some tips and thoughts that i have learned and noted while having my channel!


Bring who you are to your channel! If you are goofy like myself lol then let that show in your videos. Don’t hold back or try to be who you arent on your channel. People want to see you for you and if your being fake others will see right through it. Subscribers will subscribe to you based on what they see. Also being yourself is soo much easier you don’t have to try to be something which isn’t you which makes filming easier. Talking to the camera at first can be weird but you get use to it over time. I still havent gotten over filming in front of other people , because it just feels weird lol.



Simply i just titled, tagged my videos, shared my videos on my other social sites like google+,twitter,my blog, facebook, instagram, engaged on youtube with other youtubers, and told my friends and family about my channel. I Just put myself out there and people watched and subscribed. Also i stay consistent with my uploading. Everyones approach to getting subscribers is different.


Currently i am using a Canon Vixia HF R400 HD  I purchased mine from Best Buy. The one thing to keep in mind when filming is that you want you camera quality to be clear visually as well as audio. If people cant see or hear you they aren’t going to watch let alone subscribe.


The reason i say passion  is because you need to have a real interest in youtube. There is alot of work that goes into the process of filming, editing and uploading. If your not willing to put in the work, your channel will not grow. That simple . . .


If all you have is your webcam then work with that. Just make sure its clear visually and audio. Like I don’t have a lighting set up so in the meantime i use sunlight until i can get a light set. So don’t think you have to have all the fancy cameras or lighting to start your channel. I always say that even the fancier youtubers or bigger “Beauty Gurus”  started at the bottom using webcams, lighting off etc etc. So just work with what you have until then.

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